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We are going through a difficult time, and in today’s world tussle of two ideologies is going on and we are the third ideology amongst them.We have to strive with all our strengths with our right ideology which Allah SWT has given us.

Journalism, poetry, Novel writing and whichever field suits, you have to train yourself. And those people who possess better knowledge and skills they must step ahead in different departments of knowledge and expertise”.

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Media has played a vital role from raising revolutions to changing fortunes of countries and it has continued to unearth the truth at one time and hide the facts at other end, With social media the impact is much more serious, where we have witnessed Arab spring got much larger support and on other hand secular nation’s tainted leader gets elected as its head. Media can be described as Newspapers, Television, Radio, Films documentaries, dramas, etc. Anti-social elements are using media (social media as well) to corrupt and destroy the human civilization by degrading values, ethics and morals out. World is struggling with racism, injustice, inhumanity & violence towards fellow being and outcry.

Young generation has spoiled their culture with music, pornography, films etc. in the name of entertainment. Whereas children are ruined by watching aggressive and misbehaving nature of cartoons. Women are the easiest target of evil forces to engage them on different type of TV serials and reality shows by which their lives are been adversely influenced.

Muslims who have solution of Islam for salvation and peace are far behind in media. Islamic ideology has given a right way of life to human beings. We have to present Islamic teachings through different channels and medium by analyzing the situation and scope of opportunity we have started our journey as Rahbar TV in Media industry; we are planning and preparing ourselves to provide appropriate content to targeted age group in different formats (Films, drama, animation, interviews, Islamic songs, eBooks) with good quality, and want to become a platform for talented individuals to showcase their works to the needy world.

Mission & Vission

To be renowned as a ultimate and ample online digital library.
The mission of the online digital library shall be to guide the knowledge seekers with a great extent of quality and authentic islamic information.
To remind all human beings about their Creator & Sustainer and to guide them to live their life according to Divine Guidance.
To provide the amusing world an alternative entertainment in Islamic.
To remind especially the Muslim community regarding their Aim of life.
To guide Muslim brothers & sisters regarding how to invest their talents for the Cause of Islam.